How do you get the transcriptions to me once i've purchased them?

Once you purchase you will receive a confirmation email with a link back to my site. Log back in and you ought to see the transcription awaiting your download. If for any reason it doesn't appear to be working email me at jazznote.music@gmail.com and i'll send you the transcription the old fashioned way!

What instruments are you able to transcribe?

Anything melodic. I can’t do know any form of tablature, i.e. either guitar or drum, but in general terms I can cover pretty much most other things, such as piano, vibes, woodwind, brass, scat harmonica or guitar (normal staves). Just ask if you have any queries. Do you include chord symbolsI will generally include chord symbols in all transcriptions I undertake. The default is that I will follow the chords of the main head where appropriate. If you require me to undertake a more in-depth analysis of what is being played over what, this will require more time and cost more but can be done. Do your piano transcriptions cover both right and left hand?Again, as a default I will always do this. If you want just the right hand melody transcribing in any solo then please let me know when enquiring. Obviously, this will take less time and cost less. Can you transpose to any instrument?I can and frequently do this for horn players. If you would like a piece transcribed to a different pitch then please let me know at the outset. I will generally follow the pitch of the instrument I am transcribing, i.e. Tenor saxophone in Bb.

Can you tell me about your guidesheets?

This is something I’m able to put together if you want a bit of general information about comping over a particular track or part of a track. I’m able to put together a couple of choruses giving examples of the sort of phrasing and harmony that is being used on any recording, to assist you in learning how to perform a piece of music.

How much detail do you usually put on your leadsheets?

The default will usually be to set out the melody with key changes. Please see this example for further details. If there is anything peculiar going on underneath the melody or other artistic detail that I consider key to the performance, I will usually try to record this as well. If you know when seeking a quote that you are going to require this further detail then you are better letting me know at the outset to avoid disappointment.

How long will it take you?

It depends on how long and complicated the section of music is that you would like transcribed. This is not my day job and I have a young family which takes up a lot of my time as well. I am generally able to dedicate an hour or two to this each day.

How do I get the recording to you?

I have a fairly extensive library already, so it is worth enquiring as to whether I already have the track. If not, you can use the 'request a transcription' form to send the transcription to me. Failing that, you can email it to jazznote.music@gmail.com. 

How do you take payment?

I ask for payment by paypal before the transcription is undertaken. At that time I will try and give you a realistic timescale for the transcription and set to work.

How much do you charge?

My standard hourly rate is £15 per hour, however my quotations and charges are assessed very generously. Even if I go over the time on which that quotation is based, which I frequently do, you will not be charged you any more. Transcriptions can be purchased from my archive.

If I have an older recording where the pitch wavers, can you overcome this?

This is something I’ve been able to do in the past. Where you have concerns over a recording you are sending me or from which you would like a transcription take, it is always wise to give me a guide note or key of the piece to refer to.

If anything is not quite right on the transcription, can you correct it?

This seldom happens, but on the rare occasion where anything is wrong on not to your liking I am able to go through and amend the notation as necessary at no extra charge. This can sometimes happen with old recordings, where, particularly on the higher register notes, there is a little pitch ambiguity.

What software do you use?

Transcribe and Finale.

You say that Jazznote is an educational service, tell me more.

The transcriptions I put together are designed exclusively with a view to helping any student of music to better understand the performances of their favourite artists.

This FAQ list is always going to be a work in progress, so if you have any sensible queries not already listed here then its likely they will appear.